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"Experience and enjoy a new frontier
in energetic, hands-on Sacred Healing.

Feel refreshed, vital, supremely relaxed,
and pampered in Paradise!"

Welcome to Lotuslamp Sacred Healing Arts on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. I'm Deva, a master Tantra educator, offering private sessions for men, women, couples and mystics - in-person and long distance.

Bringing a lifetime of practice in mysticism, mental and sexual health, ecstatic touch, sacred intimacy coaching, and authentic yogini wisdom, I provide an exquisite, transformative experience. My chosen path is that of a professional mentor, muse, and a safe, trustworthy Tantric bodywork coach.

I humbly profess to offer a higher and purer variety of teachings rarely found anywhere. Read testimonials.

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"Tantra" and "Goddess" are two of the most confusing and intriguing words. Tantra Schools are now around the world, professing to teach different levels, mostly beginner, some intermediate, issuing certificates to students with minimal grasp and often missing key elements I consider crucial.

For a very clear understanding, read my, "What is True Tantra?"

Through subtle insight, certain key secrets, conscious breathing and trust in a Higher Power, you can meet your true Self and find the magic of Love both... along with tension release, balanced chakras and the ecstatic primal flow of Kundalini energies.

Just how spiritual is sacred, sensual massage? Is that a contradiction in terms? Since the beginning of time, people have tried to understand Goddess and the sacredness of spirituality and sensuality.

My lifelong passion has been to discover different variations of genuine sacred temple bodywork. From the ancient Vedas of India, to the Quodosha Shamans of Native America, to the Taoists of China, everywhere around the world, Goddess has been hiding, waiting for the world to be ready to receive Her for who She really is...

And still, we forget. We all fall off Her slippery slopes and into old patterns that don't support who WE are.

Let's educate ourselves about what really matters and remove our veils of guilt and shame. Let's dare to be transparent and come to meet our true destiny on the highest possible level - and have some FUN while doing it...

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